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A. Any person, firm, corporation, their agents, or servants who shall violate any of the provisions of the following listed Chapters of the Snohomish Municipal Code has committed a civil violation for which penalties may be assessed for each day or part of a day that the violation continues unless otherwise provided: Chapters 3.22, 3.26, 5.02, 5.10, 5.36, 5.44, 5.52, 7.12, 8.12, 8.20, 8.21, 9.94, 12.12, 12.20, 12.40, 13.04, 14.85, 15.04, and 20.04.

B. Civil violations shall be cited and processed in accordance with Chapter 1.14 SMC.

C. Other Remedies Preserved.

1. The provisions of this Chapter are not exclusive of other rights and remedies of the City under other provisions of the Snohomish Municipal Code.

2. In addition to the City’s right to assess costs and penalties against owners as provided in its ordinances, the City shall retain all rights of lien and other rights against the property in question for costs that remain unpaid, in the manner and form provided by state law and City ordinances.

D. Criminal Penalties. Any violation that is required by state law to be prosecuted as a criminal offense shall not be prosecuted as a civil violation under this code.

E. Emergencies. Nothing in this Chapter or in other Chapters of the Snohomish Municipal Code shall prevent the Enforcement Officer or any other officer of the City of Snohomish or other governmental unit from taking any other action, summary or otherwise, necessary to eliminate or minimize an imminent danger to the health or safety of any person or property. The City’s costs of abating any such nuisance or endangerment summarily or otherwise abated shall be recoverable in the same manner and to the same extent as costs of abating nuisances or endangerment under any other provisions of this code, in addition to or as an alternative to any other rights or remedies the City may possess. (Ord. 2155, 2008; Ord. 2360, 2019)