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A. Notice and scheduling of hearing. Upon the timely filing of a request for a hearing to contest a violation or to mitigate the penalty, the matter shall be scheduled to be heard at the next available appearance by the Hearing Examiner that is a minimum of fourteen (14) but no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the date the request was received by the City. Notice of the hearing date and time shall be served by Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested to the address of the party who requested the hearing. The date and time for any hearing may be rescheduled by the Hearing Examiner for good cause upon the motion of a party or the Hearing Examiner.

B. Correction of violation prior to hearing. The hearing may be cancelled and the party requesting the hearing need not appear only if, at least two (2) business days prior to the scheduled hearing, the Code Enforcement Officer determines that the violation has been satisfactorily corrected or abated and the monetary penalty paid in full. Where the scheduled hearing involves a repeat violation as defined in this Chapter, the hearing shall not be cancelled unless the new violation has been corrected or abated to the satisfaction of the Code Enforcement Officer and the monetary penalty and costs for the new violation(s) and any monetary penalty and costs owing for the previous violation(s) have been paid in full.