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A. Contents of Order. Upon the conclusion of a hearing to contest a violation, the Hearing Examiner may issue a verbal decision pending issuance of the written decision; if necessary, the Hearing Examiner may delay issuing the written order for up to ten (10) business days following the hearing. In either event, the verbal decision and written order shall contain findings and conclusions based on the record that includes the following information:

1. For each alleged violation of the City code, a statement indicating whether the violation has been found committed or not committed;

2. For violations found committed, the monetary penalties and costs being assessed pursuant to this Chapter;

3. For violations found committed, any required corrective actions;

4. For violations found committed, a finding that abatement of the violations by the City is authorized, at the expense of the person responsible for the violations;

5. A statement notifying the person responsible for the violation that he or she is subject to additional civil and/or criminal penalties if any violation that was the subject of the hearing has not been corrected or abated.

B. Notice of decision. The Hearing Examiner may cause a copy of the decision and order to be served upon the parties at the close of the hearing. When the Hearing Examiner requires more time to prepare a written order, or when a party fails to appear after requesting a contested hearing, the Hearing Examiner shall cause a copy of the decision and order to be served on the parties by mailing a copy to each party’s last known address within ten (10) business days of the hearing.