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A. Monetary penalty. Each violation of a City regulation deemed committed by the Hearing Examiner is subject to a monetary penalty in an amount of five hundred dollars ($500) unless a different penalty amount for a given violation is expressly authorized or required by a more specific City code provision. Except where the person responsible for the violation has requested mitigation of the monetary penalty pursuant to SMC 1.14.120, the Hearing Examiner shall have no authority to reduce the amount of the monetary penalty. Where the person has requested to mitigate the monetary penalty, the Examiner may reduce the monetary penalty for each violation, but in no case shall the penalty be reduced to an amount less than one hundred dollars ($100) for each violation found committed.

B. Payment of monetary penalty. Any monetary penalties assessed pursuant to this Chapter constitute a personal obligation of the person to whom the notice of civil violation is directed. In addition, the monetary penalties assessed pursuant to this Chapter may be assessed against the property that is the subject of the enforcement action. Any monetary penalty assessed must be paid in full to the City within thirty (30) days from the date of service of an uncontested notice of violation or any order of the Hearing Examiner that assesses monetary penalties.

C. Continuing duty to abate violations. Payment of a monetary penalty pursuant to this Chapter does not relieve the person responsible for the violation of the duty to correct or abate the violation. Additional notices of violation may be issued and/or criminal charges filed for continuing failure to correct or abate a violation.