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11.04.225 Right Turns from Parking areas.
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Vehicles shall make a right turn only upon entering Union Avenue from the private parking area of Snohomish Branch, Seattle-First National Bank located on the west side of Union Avenue between First and Second Streets therein, upon entering Avenue D from the private parking area of the medical and dental clinic and offices located on the east side of Avenue D between Second and Third Streets therein, and upon entering Second Street from the private parking area of Snohomish Branch, First Federal Savings and Loan Association located on the north side of Second Street between Union Avenue and Avenue A therein, and the street superintendent shall place appropriate signs and/or paint appropriate directions at or near the points of exit from said private parking areas to aid in the enforcement of this section. (Ord. 830, 1955; Ord. 953, 1964) (Ord. 953, 1964; Ord. 830, 1955.)