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A. No vehicle shall stop, stand or park in any designated parking space so that any part of such vehicle occupies more than one such space, protrudes beyond the markings designating such space or protrudes into the maneuvering lines, except that a vehicle which is of a size too large to be parked within a single designated parking space shall be permitted to occupy two or more adjoining spaces which are not otherwise restricted.

B. No vehicle shall stop, stand or park in any parking space for a period of time longer than the period allowed in that time zone. Once a vehicle remains in a parking space beyond the time which the time zone permits, each subsequent period of time for which the vehicle remains beyond the period of time allowed in that time zone shall constitute a separate violation.

C. No vehicle shall stop, stand or park in any location in which parking is prohibited by street marking, sign or City ordinance. (Ord. 1865, 1998)