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A. No person shall detach and park any trailer or camper upon any street or alley.

B. Persons stopping, standing or parking trailers which are attached to towing vehicles shall abide by all parking regulations as set forth in this chapter.

C. No person shall stand or park a truck, motor home or truck tractor-trailer combination which as a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight in excess of sixteen thousand pounds, a length in excess of twenty feet or a width in excess of eight feet upon any portion of a street or alley within any residential zone as defined in the city’s zoning code and zoning map except when:

1. Property is actively loaded or unloaded from such vehicle; or

2. The vehicle is a City vehicle or public utility vehicle providing a service for the public; or

3. The vehicle is an emergency vehicle; or

4. Such vehicle is currently used at and is located at a specific location within a residential zone for the purpose of assisting in the providing of services such as construction, carpentry, plumbing or landscaping to such residence or location.

Provided, however, motor homes can stand or park on a city street in a residential zone for a maximum period of twenty-four hours provided said vehicles do not violate any parking restrictions (such as posted time zones) and meet all other parking regulations. (Ord. 1865, 1998)