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A. Any vehicle as to which it is found that in any calendar year:

1. Three or more notices of violations of this chapter have been issued re: the illegal parking of the vehicle;

2. The penalties assessed pursuant to three or more of said notices have not been paid, shall be deemed to constitute a public nuisance in that said vehicle has repeatedly inhibited the orderly movement of vehicles into parking spaces or the streets of the City, created an obstruction to traffic, inhibited the free flow of commerce and encouraged others to violate the City’s parking ordinance.

B. Upon being found to constitute a public nuisance there shall attach to said vehicle as a lien all parking penalties, immobilization fee, towing fee, storage fee and the reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the City in enforcing the provisions of this chapter to obtain the payment of the penalties and costs and/or the impound and sale of the vehicle to pay the penalties and costs. (Ord. 1865, 1998)