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1. Comply with all applicable City ordinances, City design and construction standards, specifications, policies, and administrative procedures.

2. Agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Snohomish, its officers, employees, and agents, for any and all suits, claims, causes of action, or liabilities caused by or arising out of any activities conducted by the permittee resulting from issuance of the permit.

3. Agree to maintain ingress and egress for vehicles and persons to abutting property at all times, unless written consent for an alternative plan is obtained from the City and impacted business or property owner.

4. Agree to provide all safety equipment such as barricades, caution lighting, and personnel for traffic control.

5. Agree to be responsible for restoration and clean-up of the street, sidewalk, or curb and gutter to original or better condition immediately upon completion of the project.

6. Agree to special notification of the City, affected property owners and tenants, or other agencies as specified by the City Engineer.

7. The City Engineer may specify time limits on temporary uses, structures, and activities. If applicable, the permit shall identify the start and end dates, times, and scope of use, occupancy, or disturbance of a public right-of-way. Activities that affect pedestrian and vehicular passage may be limited to the time of day and dates of disturbance identified on the permit.

8. Special Conditions. The City Engineer may, at his/her discretion, attach other special conditions to any permit. Such condition(s) shall be necessary to satisfy the purpose of this Chapter and to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. (Ord. 2186, 2010)