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The following words and phrases when used in this ordinance shall have the following meanings:

A. Non-commercial fixture or furnishing means a temporary feature, amenity, or improvement not owned or provided by the City of Snohomish that is provided for the general public’s use and enjoyment while not identifying, advertising, or promoting a particular business. Examples include flower baskets, flower pots, seating available to the general public, civic announcements, public art, street clocks, etc.

B. Permit means a sidewalk use permit issued by the City Planner.

C. Sidewalk means that portion of the right-of-way adjacent and parallel to the street, designated for pedestrian use. For the purposes of this chapter, “sidewalk” may include the area between a street curb and the outer extent of the right-of-way.

D. Sidewalk cafe means a portion of a public sidewalk on which tables and chairs are placed for the use of patrons while consuming food and/or beverages served by a cafe, restaurant, or tavern located on the abutting property. (Ord. 2198, 2011)