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For the purpose of this chapter, all property having a frontage upon the sides or margin of any street shall be deemed “abutting property,” and such property shall be chargeable as provided in this chapter for all costs of cleaning, clearing, and repairing or replacing any form of sidewalk, such payments to be in accordance with Resolution No. 389A, of the City of Snohomish. Between said street margin and the roadway on and in front of and adjacent to it, the term “sidewalk,” for the purpose of this chapter, shall be taken to include any and all constructions or forms of street improvements included in the streets spaced between the margin and the roadway, excluding the curb and gutter, which shall be constructed by the City of Snohomish in accordance with Resolution No. 389. (Ord. 388, 1912; Ord. 1312, 1976)