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It is unlawful for any person to install, remove, alter, repair, replace, or construct any sidewalk, curb, gutter, or driveway, or combination of the same, or cause the same to be done in the City, without first obtaining a permit to do such work from the Director of Public Works.

A separate permit shall be obtained for proposed improvements abutting each separate lot or parcel of property under common ownership.

No person shall allow any other person to do or cause to be done any work under a permit secured by a permittee except persons in his employ.

The permit required pursuant to this section shall also be subject to all requirements of Ordinance 1708, as codified in SMC Chapter 12.12 as it now reads or is hereafter amended. Any permitting requirements set forth in this chapter that are inconsistent with SMC Chapter 12.12 shall be superseded and controlled by the provisions of SMC Chapter 12.12. (Ord. 1721, 1992)