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The Director of Public Works of the City of Snohomish, or his designee, shall be the authority empowered and responsible for the administration of this chapter; he shall perform the following duties:

A. Require submission of, examine, and check plans and specifications, drawings, descriptions, and/or diagrams necessary to show clearly the character and kind and extent of work covered by applications for a permit, and upon approval thereof, shall issue the permit applied for;

B. Keep a permanent accurate account of all fees for permits issued and other moneys collected and received as provided by this code, the names of the persons upon whose account the same were paid, the date and amount thereof, together with the location or premises to which they relate;

C. Administer and enforce the provisions of this code in a manner consistent with the intent thereof; for such purposes he shall have the powers of a police officer. He shall inspect or cause to be inspected all sidewalk construction, improvement, and repair work authorized by any permit to assure compliance with provisions of this code and amendments thereto, approving or condemning said work in whole or in part as conditions require;

D. Issue upon request a certificate of approval for any work approved by him;

E. Condemn and reject all work done or being done or materials used or being used which do not, in all respects, comply with the provisions of this code and amendments thereto;

F. Order changes in workmanship and/or materials essential to obtain compliance with all provisions of this code;

G. Investigate any construction or work regulated by this code and issue such notices and orders as provided in this code;

H. Keep a completed record of all essential transactions of his office;

I. Transfer all fees collected by him to the proper authority provided by law to receive such funds. (Ord. 1322, 1976)