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The City Clerk shall give notice of the time and place of letting of contracts referred to in Section 12.28.010 by publication in the newspaper published in the City, which shall at the time be under contract to do the advertising for the City, which notice shall be first published at least ten days before the date fixed for letting such contracts, and shall be inserted in each issue of such newspaper thereafter until the day fixed for letting such contract; and such notice shall state clearly the character of the work to be done, or amount of supplies to be furnished, and shall state where those desiring to bid may find the specifications for such work or supplies for the purpose of examination with a view to submitting bids. Such notice shall also state that such bids will be received and such contract let at the Council Chamber in the City where the City Council may be holding its regular meetings at the time such notice may be given. (Ord. 345, 1911)