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At the time and place mentioned in the notice referred to in Section 12.28.010 all persons desiring to bid shall submit sealed bids in writing, clearly and succinctly stating the amount thereof, and referring to the plans and specifications for such work then on file; and such bids shall be opened in the presence of the City Council, and such contracts shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder.

All bids shall be accompanied with a certified check equal in amount to five per cent of the estimated cost of the proposed work, which amount shall be forfeited to the city should such contract be awarded to such party and he should fail or refuse to enter into contract as required by this chapter and by the City Council.

The person or persons to whom such contract may be awarded shall furnish such bond to the City as the City Council may require.

The City Council may reject all bids presented and readvertise in their discretion. (Ord. 345, 1911)