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A. In all cases where the City Council requires compensation for the vacated right-of-way, except for those cases where compensation is waived pursuant to SMC 12.48.040 C, an appraisal of the right-of-way proposed for vacation shall be made. Said appraisal shall be by a professional appraiser selected by the City unless otherwise determined by the Public Works Director. The cost of the appraisal shall be borne by the applicant.

The petitioner may select the appraiser of their choice as follows:

1. either from a list of appraisers approved by the City, or

2. by selecting a Washington State Certified and licensed Real Estate Appraiser who is familiar with the local market conditions and with a reputation for respecting the rules and regulations applicable to appraisers. The petitioner must submit the Appraisers name and credentials to the City and receive prior written approval by the Public Works Director.

B. Petition Denial for nonpayment of fee or Failure to submit appraisal.

Pursuant to SMC 12.48.010 B, no action shall take place on the Petition until fees have been paid in full. Therefore, if the application fee is not paid by the petitioner or the appraisal is not received by the City within twelve (12) months of the petition filing date, the petition will be denied and the petitioner/applicant/ owner will be required to re-apply and pay a new filing fee. (Ord. 2123, 2007; Ord. 2305, 2016)