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If the City Council determines to grant such petition, or any part thereof, the Council shall authorize by ordinance the vacation of such street or alley, or any part thereof. Such ordinance may provide for the retention by the City of all easements or rights in respect to the vacated land for the construction or repair and maintenance of public utilities and services. If the City Council determines that compensation shall be paid as a condition of the vacation, then the ordinance shall not be published or become effective until all compensation and fees and costs have been paid in full by the petitioners and all conditions imposed by the City Council have been complied with. When there are multiple properties which are adjacent to right-of-way which is petitioned for vacation, any one or more of the applicants may pay the total compensation, fees and costs in order to complete the vacation and to cause the ordinance to be published and become effective. Such payment shall not affect the vacated right-of-way vesting to the adjacent property owner. If the compensation is not paid and the conditions are not complied with within one year from adoption of the ordinance, then the ordinance shall be void unless the one year period is extended by ordinance of the City Council. (Ord. 1364, 1977; Ord. 2123, 2007)