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12.52.015 Assumption of Transportation Benefit District.
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Pursuant to Section 303, subsection (1) of 2 ESSB 5987, from and after the effective date of this Ordinance, the City of Snohomish assumes all of the rights, powers, immunities, functions, and obligations of the Snohomish Transportation Benefit District previously established in this chapter, and the City of Snohomish is hereby vested with each and every right, power, immunity, function, and obligation granted to or possessed by the Snohomish Transportation Benefit District under Chapter 36.73 RCW, this chapter, and/or any other applicable law as of the effective date of this Ordinance. References to the District, the rights, powers, functions and obligations previously exercised and/or performed by the governing body of the Transportation Benefit District pursuant to Section 3.40.020 of this Chapter are hereby assumed by and transferred to the City of Snohomish City Council.