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A. The City, acting by and through its City Council may authorize a vehicle fee of up to $20.00 per vehicle as provided for by RCW 82.80.140. Any expansion of the authorized purposes of the District shall be undertaken only after notice, hearing, and adoption of an ordinance in accordance with RCW 36.73.050(2)(b) or a vote of the people pursuant to RCW 36.73.065(3).

B. When authorized by the voters pursuant to the requirements of RCW Chapter 36.73, other taxes, fees, charges and tolls, or increases in these revenue services may be assessed for the preservation, maintenance, and operations of City streets. Additional transportation improvements may be added to the functions of the District upon compliance with the requirements of said chapter.

C. The City Council shall have and exercise all powers and functions provided by Chapter 36.73 RCW to fulfill the functions of the District.