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A. It is unlawful to have, keep, or operate any boat, float, raft, or other watercraft in or upon any bay, lake, slough, river, or creek within the limits of any park, or to land or launch the same at any point upon the shores thereof bordering upon any park, except at places set apart for such purposes by the Mayor or his/her designee and so designated by signs posted at or near the entrance to such parks.

B. Blackmans Lake.

1. No gas-powered motors of any size and no electric motors in excess of one and three-quarters horsepower, including model boats, shall be allowed on Blackmans Lake unless otherwise approved by Special Event Permit.

2. For Blackmans Lake, boats shall be launched within the designated boat launch area only. Vehicles shall not be left or parked in the boat launch area after launching; vehicles must be moved to a designated parking area. (Ord. 1166, 1972; Ord. 1387, 1978; Ord. 2132, 2007; Ord. 2335, 2018)