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A. The City Planner shall interpret and apply this Development Code consistently. As may be necessary, the City Planner shall render new interpretations in writing, file said interpretations, and apply said interpretations in future like instances.

B. In the event of conflict: 1) specific provisions shall prevail over general provisions; 2) text shall prevail over headings, captions, illustrations, and citation references; and 3) Chapter 36.70B RCW shall prevail over this Development Code.

C. Regulations, conditions, or procedural requirements that are specific to an individual land use shall supersede regulations, conditions, or procedural requirements of general application.

D. A land use includes the necessary structures to support the use unless specifically prohibited or the context clearly indicates otherwise.

E. The word “shall” is mandatory and the word “may” is discretionary. The word “should” is mandatory unless the City Planner determines that application of the particular provision is not necessary to implement the purposes of the Development Code as set forth in SMC 14.05.020.