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A. Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan or Development Code and rezones shall be requested utilizing a form provided by the Planning and Development Services Department subject to payment of prescribed fees. The Planning Director shall verify completeness and shall docket complete requests.

B. Once a proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan or Development Code has been drafted or a rezone proposal received, the Planning Director shall:

1. Perform a threshold determination regarding the proposal in accordance with Chapter 197-11 WAC Part Three;

2. If a determination of significance (DS) is issued, determine the scope of the environmental impact statement (EIS) and prepare a draft EIS;

3. Schedule a public hearing before the Planning Commission for a date that conforms to the following notice requirement; and

4. Publish between 15 and 30 days before the hearing a notice of hearing in the official newspaper (see Chapter 14.20 SMC); provided, that:

a. If a determination of nonsignificance (DNS) has been issued, the notice shall state that if timely comments are received the Planning Director will reconsider the DNS.

b. If WAC 197-11-340(2) applies (i.e., City cannot take final action until days after issuing a DNS), the Planning Director shall also send the notice of hearing/DNS and environmental checklist to the agencies listed in WAC 197-11-340(2).

c. If a draft EIS has been prepared, the notice shall state that comments on the draft EIS will be accepted until and at the hearing.

d. If the proposal is a site-specific amendment to the Future Land Use Map or is a rezone proposal, the publication requirement shall be that of a Type 5 permit.

e. The Planning Director, at his or her discretion, may publicize a given legislative proposal more broadly than stated herein to gather more public input. Minor errors in amendment procedures, such as unintended inaccuracies in any public notice, shall not invalidate an amendment proceeding. (Ord. 2338, 2017; Ord. 2443, 2022)