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A. The Planning Commission shall adopt written findings referencing the following criteria, and shall make a recommendation consistent with those findings to the City Council.

B. The approval criteria for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Code shall be that the amendment:

1. Is internally consistent with the Comprehensive Plan (for Comprehensive Plan amendments) or is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan (for Development Code amendments);

2. Is consistent with the Growth Management Act and the State Environmental Policy Act; and

3. Is in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of Snohomish residents.

C. A rezone should be approved only if generally consistent with the following guidelines:

1. The rezoned parcel(s) will not create any significant negative impacts on the existing land uses and zoning of the surrounding or nearby properties.

2. The rezone serves the general public health, safety and welfare.

3. The property is suitable for the purpose for which it is proposed to be zoned.

4. In the case of a downzone, the relative gain to the public in promoting the public health, safety, and welfare outweighs the hardship imposed on the individual property owner.

5. In the case of a downzone, the consequent restrictions do not preclude all reasonable economic use of that land unless the property owner agrees to the downzone. (Ord. 2338, 2017; Ord. 2443, 2022)