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If a proposal requires more than one permit, review of all permits shall be consolidated where practicable, consistent with the following:

A. Reports, hearings, notices, recommendations, and decisions shall address the project as a whole, except when expediency requires otherwise such as when the proponent requires one authorization before another. Separate processing must be approved by the Planning Director, to ensure cumulative impacts are addressed.

B. The Planning Director shall administer the permit process in accordance with all of the requirements set forth in this title for the particular types of permit being applied for. The consolidated single process used shall be that which corresponds to the highest decision classification.

C. If one permit cannot be reasonably processed until another is issued, such as a boundary line adjustment that cannot be processed until a variance is issued, the 120 days within which a notice of decision must be issued for the latter permit shall not begin until the former permit has been issued.

D. Appeals of more than one of the permits required for a project shall be consolidated in a single appeal if this title provides for the same appellate body to consider each of the appeals. (Ord. 2338, 2017)