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A. All notices required by this Development Code shall include the information required by RCW 36.70B.110(2) and the appeal information required by WAC 197-11-680(5), if applicable; provided, that:

1. SEPA-related information shall not be required for SEPA-exempt permits.

2. All notices shall contain at least:

a. Name of the applicant;

b. Project description, including permits required;

c. Project location;

d. Time period and contact information for commenting; and

e. Information regarding the public hearing, if applicable.

B. The public comment period shall, at a minimum, extend to and include the fifteenth day after the date of publication. The Planning Director, in his or her sole discretion on a case-by-case basis, may require a longer comment period. The date of publication shall be the date on which all of the required methods of publication have been implemented.

C. Public notice shall be consistent with the following parameters:

Public Notice Type

Method of Notification

Mail to 300’ property owners

Advertise in newspaper of record

Post site

Publish to City website/post City Hall

Mail to Snohomish County Assessor

Mail/e-mail to parties of record

Notice of Application

SEPA Threshold Determination

Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Decision

1. Notices of application, hearing, and/or determination of significance/scoping shall be:

a. Mailed by first-class mail to the applicant and all owners of property within 300 feet of any portion of the proposed action according to the County Assessor’s current records;

b. Posted on the development site, at location(s) which the Planning Director deems suitable to reach the attention of the public, on a sign(s) at least two feet by three feet in size; and

c. Posted at City Hall and on the City website.

2. Notices of decision shall be mailed to the applicant, the County Assessor, and anyone who, prior to the decision, requested notice of the decision or submitted substantive comments on the application or was otherwise a party of record.

3. Projects with multiple notices may have notices combined in a single publication or issuance.

D. The Planning Director may publicize a given permit proposal more broadly or by additional means than stated herein, if in the Planning Director’s sole discretion a greater level of public awareness is deemed necessary.

E. Notices of public hearing shall be published between 15 and 30 days before the scheduled hearing. If a public hearing is continued to a date certain, no further notice is required. (Ord. 2338, 2017)