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A. In granting a permit, the City may attach thereto such conditions as necessary to make the permit compatible with the criteria applicable to that permit.

B. The City may require, as a condition of any permit approval, the posting of a cash performance bond or other security or surety sufficient to fulfill the requirements of this Development Code and any conditions upon which the permit is granted.

C. To the extent appropriate and allowed by law, the City may require that conditions of permit approval be recorded as binding on the property and successors in interest.

D. The following process may be used by the City to provide applicants notice of permit conditions and to receive notice from applicants of any objections to such conditions:

1. At any point in the permit process, the City may provide written notice to the applicant that the City intends to recommend or impose one or more conditions of permit approval and that, if the applicant objects to any of said conditions, the applicant is required to provide written notice to the City of which conditions the applicant objects to and the reasons for the applicant’s objections.

2. For the purpose of this subsection, written notice may be given either by e-mail, fax, first-class mail, or hand delivery.

3. The applicant’s written notice of objections to permit conditions shall be given to, and received by, the City no later than seven calendar days from the applicant’s receipt of the written notice from the City.

4. If the applicant receives written notice from the City of the City’s intent to recommend or impose permit conditions within seven calendar days of a hearing on the permit application, then the applicant shall provide written notice to the City of the applicant’s objections to any such conditions, which notice shall be given to, and received by, the City at any time prior to the commencement of the hearing. (Ord. 2338, 2017)