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The purpose of this designation is to maintain and develop single-family areas which provide suitable living environments for individuals and families, and which have the following characteristics: quietness, privacy, safety, and land use stability and compatibility.

The following general criteria shall govern development in this designation:

1. Residential density shall not exceed six (6) units per acre.

2. The predominant use shall be single-family detached housing. Accessory dwelling units and adult family homes will be allowed, subject to the provisions of Title 14 SMC.

3. Individual lots should have direct access onto local or private streets with close proximity to major thoroughfares and bus transportation. When access to a local or private street is not practical, access by means of a collector or arterial will be considered. Arterials shall serve as boundaries of single-family areas, and local residential streets shall provide internal circulation.

4. Single-family development should be located on varying terrain which avoids poorly drained areas and complies with environmental regulations as found in this title.

5. Single-family development shall be served by City services, such as water and sewer. Annexed existing single-family residences served by septic tanks must connect to City sewer lines within five (5) years after service is extended to the properties. (Ord. 2268, 2014)