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The purpose of this designation is to provide areas suitable for a mix of light manufacturing and commercial uses while discouraging strip commercial development. The purpose of this designation is also to broaden the array of developable areas to include those with environmental constraints. Development will occur under strict aesthetic and environmental controls. This designation is intended to designate and preserve properties for commercial and manufacturing activities, which could improve the economic base of the City. Multiple-family type residential use is permitted in conjunction with commercial use on the same site.

A. Business Parks shall have access to at least one major arterial. Access to the adjacent arterial and other streets will be provided in accordance with City traffic plans and will be constructed per Public Works Design and Construction Standards.

B. Criteria for approval of the site development plan shall include the prevention of strip commercial development and the protection of environmentally critical areas. The City and the applicant may agree to process a site development plan application as a Type 4 instead of a Type 2 permit.

C. A minimum of five acres will normally be required for a Business Park development; however, existing smaller parcels that cannot be aggregated together to establish a five-acre project will be allowed subject to appropriate review and conditions.

D. Townhouse and apartment styles of residential use are permitted in conjunction with commercial use on the same site.

E. In Business Park areas, the Planning Director or Hearing Examiner may determine that two or more noncontiguous parcels constitute one development site when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

1. The parcels are within 0.25 mile, measured between nearest property lines, so that land development conditions and issues are substantially similar.

2. The parcels are in common ownership throughout the permitting and construction process.

3. Construction activity upon all parcels is requested, reviewed, and permitted through one land use development application.

4. Signs, structures, and other improvements on all parcels exhibit common architectural design features.

5. The names given to development on the noncontiguous parcels have common words and themes.

6. The parcels are connected by pedestrian walkway. (Ord. 2111, 2006; Ord. 2338, 2017)