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This designation applies to areas of the City in which housing, shopping, and working activities can be compatibly mixed to encourage infill of under-utilized lots and reduce auto work and shopping trips. Mixed Use areas will encourage a mix of single- and multifamily residential, commercial, and light industry uses in the same area, on the same site, and in the same structure. Compatibility among mixed uses shall be increased by application of the City’s design standards for areas outside the Historic District to both the site and structures and the use of the conditional use permit process to provide better control over some types of allowed uses.

A. Mixed Use areas shall be located in areas already characterized by mixed uses, served by arterials, and within walking distance of bus service.

B. The development of mixed uses on the same site and/or in the same structure will be encouraged by incentives such as shared parking. (Ord. 2111, 2006; Ord. 2338, 2017)