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The Urban Horticulture designation provides a buffer between the urban areas of the City and adjacent agricultural lands. Land uses within this designation will be low density and will have low impact to adjacent agricultural areas.

The following general criteria shall govern development in this designation:

1. Land uses are allowed that do not require extensive structures or development and that do require large land areas, such as intensive agriculture operation, sales of agriculture products, sales of landscaping materials and supplies, farmer’s markets, outdoor recreation activities, and log and lumber storage.

2. This designation shall be for lands that are within the City limits, are adjacent to agriculture areas, and are either currently in agricultural uses or vacant.

3. Minimal structures shall be allowed for development, and 80 percent of a lot shall be left unbuilt and unpaved.

4. Uses which negatively impact adjacent agricultural uses shall be discouraged.

5. Flood protection requirements of Title 14 SMC shall be met for all development located in the flood plain.

6. Single-family residences shall be allowed at a density of no more than one (1) unit per ten (10) acres.