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1. See SMC 14.212.410, Allowed Uses, for the permitted and provisional uses in the Pilchuck District.

2. Accessory dwelling units must meet the following conditions:

a. One (1) unit must be owner occupied.

b. The design of any exterior alteration or new structure necessary for the unit must comply with the City’s design standards adopted in Chapters 14.225 and 14.230 SMC.

c. One (1) additional on-site parking space must be provided.

d. If the accessory unit is in a separate structure, it must be no greater than eight hundred (800) square feet or half the floor area of the primary structure, whichever is less.

e. Occupancy of the accessory unit, together with all roomers or boarders permitted under subsection 7 of this section, shall not exceed three (3).

3. Home occupations must meet the following conditions:

a. The occupation shall be conducted within an enclosed building.

b. No indication of the occupation, such as outdoor storage areas, abnormally higher traffic volumes, noise, vibration, dust, smoke or odors, shall be evident from outside the building in which the occupation is located.

c. The occupation shall not produce ground water pollution or introduce objectionable waste into the City sewer system.

d. Not more than one (1) person outside the immediate family group residing on the premises shall engage in such occupation.

e. Signing must comply with Chapter 14.245 SMC.

f. The occupation cannot exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the home square footage.

g. The occupation must have a City business license.

h. The premises must be occupied by the occupation owner.

4. Bed and breakfast (B&B) establishments must meet the following conditions:

a. The residence must be owner-occupied.

b. The Design Review Board must review the plan for off-street parking and, if the property is located within the Historic District, the design of the sign.

c. No more than four (4) B&B rooms per residence.

d. One (1) on-premises parking space must be provided per B&B room, in addition to parking required for the residence.

e. B&B rooms must be located in the structure of the principal residence.

f. No meals other than breakfast shall be provided, and no meals shall be sold to nonrenters.

g. No room shall be rented to the same person or persons for more than thirty (30) days per year.

h. No rooms shall be rented on a permanent basis, and no other business activity may be conducted on the premises.

i. The B&B must maintain a City business license.

5. Employee living quarters as an accessory use shall meet the following conditions:

a. Living quarters shall be restricted to the use of caretakers, security people, and special employees in training.

b. Living quarters may be a separate building, manufactured home, or a portion of another building.

c. Only two (2) dwelling units shall be used for employee living quarters.

6. Multifamily housing is allowed in conjunction with commercial use as a mixed use.

a. The gross square footage of multifamily housing must not exceed the gross square footage of commercial use.

b. Multiple family density may not exceed eighteen (18) units per acre, in accordance with Chapter 14.210 SMC.

7. Up to three (3) roomers or boarders may reside in an owner-occupied, single-family home, or accessory dwelling unit associated with the owner-occupied, single-family home, irrespective of the definition of family in Chapter 14.25 SMC; provided, that with the exception of an approved accessory dwelling unit, the property contains only one (1) dwelling unit; and provided, that any nonfamily members occupying the accessory dwelling unit shall be counted against the limit of three (3) roomers or boarders.

8. Must meet mobile home park design requirements set forth in Chapter 14.180 SMC.

9. Except where a higher density is permitted by SMC 14.285.040, multifamily residential density may not exceed eighteen (18) units per acre, in accordance with SMC 14.210.030.

10. Signs, fences, landscaping and screening in compliance with SMC Title 14.

11. Employee and/or accessory living quarters as an accessory use shall meet the following conditions:

a. Living quarters must be on the second floor above the primary commercial use on the site.

b. The density of the employee and/or accessory living quarters shall not exceed the density of the highest density adjacent residential designation.

12. Permitted only through the unit lot subdivision process in SMC 14.215.125 and only where in compliance with the standards in Chapter 14.175 SMC.

13. Permitted only in conjunction with a planned residential development under the provisions of Chapter 14.220 SMC.

14. Attached units shall be a minimum of three (3) separate dwelling units. Duplexes are not permitted.

15. All short-term rentals shall:

a. Obtain a City of Snohomish business license.

b. Pay transient rental, hotel/motel, lodging, and other taxes as required for transient accommodations in the City pursuant to WAC 458-20-166.

c. Not use commercial spaces for short-term rentals as defined in SMC 14.25.200.

d. Not provide any services beyond housekeeping between visits.

e. Not be rented to the same party for more than 30 consecutive days.

f. Only be rented to a single party. A party is a group of persons gathering for the same social purpose.

g. Be for the entire structure or for a self-contained living space within a structure. Only one self-contained living space within a detached single-family residence shall be rented at a time. (Ord. 2434, 2022; Ord. 2446, 2022)