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1. Fire facilities shall meet the following conditions:

a. All buildings and structures shall maintain a minimum distance of twenty (20) feet from adjoining residential property lines.

b. Any buildings from which fire-fighting equipment emerges onto a street shall maintain a distance of thirty-five (35) feet from such street.

c. No outside storage.

2. Limited to office use and related parking for vehicles and equipment.

3. Limited to courier service, except by air.

4. Accessory to a multi-family development of at least twelve units, provided that:

a. The gross floor area in the self-service storage shall not exceed the total gross floor area of the multi-family dwellings.

b. All outdoor lights shall be shaded and deflected downward away from all adjoining property.

c. The use of the facility shall be limited to the occupants’ household goods.

d. No servicing or repair of motor vehicles, boats, trailers, lawn mowers, or similar equipment.

e. No outdoor storage or storage of flammable liquids, highly combustible or explosive materials, or hazardous chemicals.

f. No residential occupancy of the storage units.

g. No business activity other than the rental of storage units by occupants.

h. A resident shall be required on the site and shall be responsible for maintaining the operation of the facility in conformance with the conditions of approval.

i. May not be located within any required setback.

5. Limited to products grown on-site.

6. No outdoor storage unless it is screened.

7. Storage limited to accessory storage of commodities sold at retail on the premises or materials used in the fabrication of commodities sold on the premises.

8. Limited to emergency medical evacuation sites in conjunction with police, fire, or health services facility.

9. Cellular communication antennas shall be allowed without a conditional use permit, provided that there are no more than one set of 3 antennas located on a replacement utility pole that is no more than twenty feet higher than the original pole, that all ground mounted or lower pole mounted equipment is located away from the street the pole is adjacent to on private or public owned property; and that the equipment is enclosed in an enclosure which is approved by the City of Snohomish PDS staff.

10. All activities must be within an enclosed building.