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1. See SMC 14.212.410, Allowed Uses, for the permitted and provisional uses in the Pilchuck District.

2. May be subject to the provisions of the City’s Shoreline Master Program, shoreline development regulations, and floodplain regulations.

3. Except slaughterhouses.

4. The keeping of animals shall conform to the provisions of SMC Title 7.

5. Only within a fully enclosed building.

6. Retail sales of manufactured products required on site.

7. Boat building or water related manufacturing uses are allowed in the shoreline management area of the Snohomish River in accordance with the City’s Shoreline Management Master Program and shoreline development regulations as set forth in Chapter 14.250 SMC.

8. Outdoor storage must be screened.

9. Storage limited to accessory storage of commodities sold at retail on the premises or materials used in the fabrication of commodities sold on the premises.

10. Limited to office use and related parking for vehicles and equipment.

11. No outdoor storage.

12. No overnight parking of vehicles or equipment allowed outside of a fully enclosed building.

13. Only within fully enclosed buildings with accessory uses to retail sales limited to assembly of elements shipped to the site into a final product for sale on site. (Ord. 2434, 2022)