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1. See SMC 14.212.410, Allowed Uses, for the permitted and provisional uses in the Pilchuck District.

2. Fire facilities shall meet the following conditions:

a. All buildings and structures shall maintain a minimum distance of twenty (20) feet from adjoining residential property lines.

b. Any buildings from which firefighting equipment emerges onto a street shall maintain a distance of thirty-five (35) feet from such street.

c. No outside storage.

3. Recreational vehicle parks are subject to the following conditions and limitations:

a. The maximum length of stay of any unit shall not exceed one hundred eighty (180) days.

b. The minimum distance between recreational vehicle pads shall be no less than ten (10) feet.

c. Sewage disposal shall be by sewer service obtained from the City of Snohomish sanitary sewer utility.

4. Except for outdoor shooting ranges.

5. Uses permitted when related to the history, purpose, or function of the public park.

6. Site must be located less than three hundred (300) feet from a street designated as a collector or arterial.

7. Only in an enclosed building.

8. Golf courses and driving ranges not permitted.

9. The following conditions and limitations shall apply to community-based theaters:

a. The floor area of the facility is limited to four thousand (4,000) square feet.

b. The facility shall be located within the Historic District.

c. The site shall have direct access to a street designated as a collector arterial or minor arterial. (Ord. 2434, 2022)