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For the purpose of applying regulations having a directional relationship to lots, the directional sense of lots shall be determined as follows:

A. Front Direction.

1. When a lot adjoins one street, front direction shall be toward the street.

2. For corner lots, front direction shall be toward that street from which the address is based and the primary pedestrian entrance is taken.

3. When the lot adjoins two streets which do not intersect on the boundaries of such lot, front direction may be taken toward either street; provided, that no other condition exists which, in the discretion of the City Planner, dictates the front direction. Primary pedestrian access shall be taken from the direction determined to be the front.

4. When the lot adjoins no street and access is by a private easement, the City Planner shall have discretionary authority to determine the front direction, considering location of entrance to such lot, topography, orientation of the proposed building, orientation of existing buildings and/or logical orientation of future buildings on adjoining lots, and any other considerations pertinent to a specific case.

B. Rear direction shall be taken as opposite to the front direction, or as nearly so as the lot shape permits.

C. Side direction shall be taken at a 90-degree angle to the front direction, or as nearly so as the lot shape permits. (Ord. 2456, 2022)