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Certain structures may project into the required setbacks as follows:

A. For ground and upper floor uses in all districts and for upper floor uses only in the Historic Business District: fireplace structures, bay or garden windows, enclosed stair landings, closets, or similar structures may project into any setback; provided, that such projections are:

1. Limited to two per facade;

2. Not wider than seven feet; and

3. Projecting no more than two feet into any setback area.

B. Uncovered porches and decks are allowed to project:

1. Eighteen inches into an interior setback;

2. Five feet into an exterior setback; and/or

3. To within five feet of a rear property line.

C. At-grade, uncovered patios do not require a setback.

D. Roof eaves, if at least seven feet measured vertically above finished ground level, may project up to two feet into any required setback. (Ord. 2456, 2022. Formerly 14.210.150)