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Certain structures may project into the required setbacks as follows:

A. For ground and upper floor uses in all districts and for upper floor uses only in the Historic Business District; fireplace structures, bay or garden windows, enclosed stair landings, closets, or similar structures may project into any setback; provided, that such projections are:

1. Limited to two (2) per façade;

2. Not wider than seven (7) feet; and

3. Not more than twenty-four (24) inches into an interior setback or twenty-four (24) inches into a street or rear yard setback.

B. Uncovered porches and decks, which exceed eighteen (18) inches above the finished grade, may project:

1. Eighteen (18) inches into interior setbacks; and/or

2. Five (5) feet into the street setback.

C. Uncovered porches and decks, not exceeding eighteen (18) inches above the finished grade, may project to within five (5) feet of the rear property line.

D. Roof eaves, if at least seven (7) feet measured vertically above finish ground level in the vicinity of the projection, may not project more than twenty-four (24) inches into any required setback.