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Requests for a conditional use permit for the construction of a mobile home park in the Multi-family designation shall comply with the following requirements:

A. A mobile home park shall obtain a site development plan permit (see Chapter 14.20 SMC).

B. The minimum site for a mobile home park shall be one (1) acre.

C. No more than ten (10) mobile homes may be located on any one (1) acre of ground.

D. Each space or lot upon which a mobile home is to be located shall:

1. Contain two thousand four hundred (2,400) square feet and have a minimum width of thirty (30) feet for single-wides or three thousand two hundred (3,200) square feet of area with forty (40) foot minimum width for double-wides.

2. Have access from an interior driveway only.

3. Have a crushed rock or hard surface area upon which the mobile home will be located.

E. All drives within the park shall be paved and appropriate ingress and egress from each public street bordering the mobile home park shall be provided in accordance with the direction of the City Engineer consistent with standard traffic engineering practice.

F. There shall be no less than twelve (12) feet clearance between manufactured homes or any part thereof, and no less than five (5) feet between manufactured homes and any building within the park or from the required fence, wall, or hedge.

G. There shall be a sight obscuring fence, wall, or hedge on all sides of the park, in conformance with Chapter 14.240 SMC.

H. Access roadways, vehicle thoroughfares, and recreational areas shall be provided with adequate area lighting.

I. Electrical distribution and telephone service systems to each space or lot shall be underground, except for outlets and risers at each space or lot.

J. Every mobile home site shall have provisions for electrical, plumbing, and sanitary sewer installation in accordance with all applicable City and state regulations. No mobile home which does not have sanitary facilities shall be allowed in the park.

K. All mobile home parks shall meet the health department regulations of the City, county and state.

L. All mobile homes must be skirted with opaque paneling of wood, metal, plastic, or some other solid and sturdy material around the circumference of the mobile home so that the undercarriage and wheels are covered from view.

M. All internal driveways, excluding parking, shall be paved and have a minimum width of twenty (20) feet, except for one-way roads which shall have a minimum width of fifteen (15) feet.

N. Cul-de-sac turnarounds shall have a minimum pavement width of twenty (20) feet and a minimum turning area diameter of seventy (70) feet.

O. In addition to the two-stall per mobile home pad required in SMC 14.235.170, off-street parking shall be provided at the ratio of one parking space for each four (4) mobile home pads and shall be distributed for convenient access to all pads.

P. A bulk storage and parking area for boats, campers, travel trailers, etc., shall be provided within the mobile home park. A minimum of three hundred (300) square feet of space, exclusive of driveways, shall be provided for every ten (10) mobile home pads. Bulk storage and parking areas shall be separated from all other parking facilities and shall be provided with some means of security. The requirements of this subsection may be waived by the City Planner, if the mobile home park developer/owner agrees to prohibit the storage of such items within the park.

Q. All mobile home parks shall provide adequate fire protection as required by the Fire Marshall in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code.

R. A common recreational facility is suggested for mobile home parks in excess of fifty (50) units but is not required. If a recreational facility is provided, it should be centrally located along with the required open space.

S. The mobile home park shall comply with all other requirements of the Multi-family 18 units per acre land use designation as described in this title.

T. A complete and detailed site plan shall be submitted to the Hearing Examiner for approval together with a separate grade and drainage plan, which shall be reviewed by the City Engineer and City Planner for recommendations to the Hearing Examiner. The site plan shall show the location and dimensions of all contemplated buildings, structures, open space, driveways and roads, recreational areas and other pertinent features which may be necessary to show compliance with the regulations of this section.

U. The developer and/or owner of the mobile home park shall be responsible for ensuring that every mobile home is installed in compliance with the provisions of this section. All improvements and connections shall be made at the time of installation and prior to occupancy.