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A. Minimum Area. A minimum of five (5) acres shall be required for a business park development, with the exception of existing smaller parcels that cannot be aggregated. If existing smaller parcels cannot be aggregated to amount to five (5) acres, the development may be allowed provided it meets the requirements of this chapter and is approved by the Director or designee.

B. Setbacks. Structures shall be a minimum distance of fifty (50) feet from any property line abutting a residential zone. Where not abutting a residential zone, the minimum setback shall be zero (0), subject to compliance with the landscape screening requirements in Chapter 14.240 SMC.

C. Landscaping and Open Space.

1. The site shall consist of a minimum of twenty (20) percent landscaping and open space. Open space may consist of undisturbed vegetation or water and will include the five (5) percent area of required landscaping. The remaining twenty (20) percent not landscaped shall be provided in open space. Up to fifty (50) percent of the landscaping and open space requirement for a business park development may be provided by permanent dedication of a conservation easement to the City, a land trust, or another entity acceptable to the City of Snohomish. Such conservation easement shall restrict property to remain designated as open space in perpetuity within the same business park zone where the development is located.

2. At least five (5) percent of the site must be fully landscaped totaling no less than two thousand (2,000) square feet of the development. The landscaped area shall be situated toward the primary entrance of the development and public right-of-way.

3. Developments adjoining a street shall also provide a landscape corridor of trees, planted no more than fifty (50) feet on center. Landscape plant materials used in low impact development facilities may be considered. Such landscaping shall not obscure the sight distance for traffic and pedestrians at the intersection of streets or driveways.

4. Any parking lot in excess of twenty (20) cars shall provide a minimum of one (1) contiguous, one hundred (100) square foot landscaped island within the parking area for each ten (10) parking spaces.

D. Height Limitation. Standard building heights shall not exceed forty-five (45) feet. One (1) additional foot of building height may be added for each additional foot of setback on all sides; provided, that the total building height shall not exceed sixty (60) feet. (Ord. 2438, 2022)