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In addition to the general purposes put forth by SMC 14.05.020, the purposes of this chapter include: conservation of land, energy, and natural resources; promotion of investment in property and improvements; reduction in vehicular traffic; implementation of Smart Growth urban planning and design principles; efficient use of public funds and infrastructure; promotion of active lifestyles; implementation of strategic plan objectives and strategies; and enhanced certainty regarding future land use and development.

This chapter promulgates an urban form-based code rather than the more traditional land use based code. Instead of emphasizing segregation of land uses, this form-based approach is primarily intended to address the size, type, and orientation of new development so that it is visually and functionally compatible and complementary. The standards applicable to each zone address a different building form consistent with the preferred types of land uses. Standards for urban form address the street, site, and building design with the intent to achieve a consistent and integrated streetscape that functions as an active and interesting public realm.