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This chapter carries out the policies of the Pilchuck District Subarea Plan and other applicable City of Snohomish Comprehensive Plan goals and policies by classifying and regulating the use of land and structures in Pilchuck District land use designation as established on the City’s Land Use Designation Map.

A. Minimum requirements. The provisions of this chapter shall be minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, and general welfare. When this chapter provides for discretion on the part of a Review Authority, that discretion may be exercised to impose more stringent requirements than those set forth in this chapter, as may be determined by the Review Authority to be necessary to promote appropriate land use and development, environmental resource protection, and the other purposes of Title 14 SMC.

B. Conflicts. All applicable regulations required by the Snohomish Municipal Code shall apply, including but not limited to provisions for utilities, access, and critical areas. Except in cases where land use and development are limited by code provisions for protection of critical areas and regulated shorelines, the provisions of this chapter shall control. Where in conflict, numerical standards in the tables and figures shall take precedence over graphic representations.

C. Other requirements may apply. Nothing in this chapter eliminates the need for obtaining any other permits required by the City, or any permit, approval, or license required by the City or other agency.