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A. Where permitted, any interior floor area above three stories in height shall require documentation of purchase of transferred development rights in accordance with adopted procedures.

B. Building heights and stepbacks shall conform to Tables V-1 through V-6.

C. Stories shall not exceed 14 feet in height from finished floor to finished ceiling, except for the first floor commercial function, which shall be a maximum of 25 feet. A single floor exceeding 14 feet, or 25 feet at the ground level, shall be counted as two stories. Mezzanines extending beyond the 33 percent of the floor area shall be counted as an additional story.

D. Adjacent to a frontage, the first level residential or lodging function shall be raised a minimum of 18 inches above average sidewalk grade.

E. In a parking structure or garage, each above-ground level shall count as a single story regardless of its relationship to the habitable stories, except that podium parking levels less than 6 feet above the height of the adjacent sidewalk shall not be considered a story for the purpose of determining maximum building height.

F. Attic spaces fully contained within a pitched roof, raised basements up to five feet above adjacent sidewalk grade, belfries, clock towers, chimney flues, water tanks, or elevator bulkheads, cupolas, domes, skylights, parapet walls, cornices, and mechanical equipment or associated screening shall not be counted as stories. Attic spaces shall not exceed 14 feet of vertical clear area.