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Off-street parking for residential uses shall be provided at the rates shown in Chapter 14.235 SMC with the following modifications and exemption.

A. For non-residential uses, one off-street parking space shall be provided for each 400 square feet of gross floor area, except as provided in part B, below.

B. In any building, 1,500 square feet or 30 percent, whichever is less, of ground-floor retail, office, and service uses adjacent to and accessed directly from a public street shall be exempt from the off-street parking standards.

C. Joint use parking facilities may be permitted in accordance with SMC 14.235.070 and SMC 14.235.080, except that parking facilities serving non-residential uses shall be located within 800 feet of the parking generator. The City Planner at his or her sole discretion may determine that the proposed shared parking use has special characteristics that need to be taken into account and in such cases, shall require a parking study to be submitted for review and shall make a determination of the appropriate reduction allowed for shared parking.