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The provisions of these design standards apply to the Pilchuck District land use designation on the Land Use Designation Map. These standards shall apply to all development and redevelopment within the Pilchuck District. The degree to which each standard applies to a development/redevelopment project shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in an effort to achieve an overall design that meets the purpose and intent of these standards and all applicable policies and regulations.

The design elements are intended to foster a cohesive pattern of development that supports pedestrian activity and more intensive residential and commercial development in the Pilchuck District. Illustrations of ways in which the intent of the standards can be achieved are provided in a reference document. These images are meant only to be examples of the standards with which they are associated and may not be consistent with all standards. Further, they are not the only acceptable means of achieving the intent of the design standards. Applicants are encouraged to consider designs, styles, and techniques not pictured in the examples that comparably fulfill the intent of the design standards and further the goals of the Pilchuck District. Creativity within the parameters of the standards is encouraged.

A determination of equivalence may be requested for deviations from specific standards in accordance with SMC 14.212.170.