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Except as provided for nonconforming uses in SMC 14.212.410(G) and nonconforming structures in section SMC 14.212.510, each land use and/or structure shall be established, constructed, reconstructed, altered, moved, or replaced in compliance with the following requirements.

A. Allowable uses. As described in SMC 14.212.410, land uses shall be consistent with Table IV-1.

B. Permit and approval requirements. Any site development plan permit or other approval required under Article I shall be obtained before the issuance of any required grading, building, or other construction permit and before the proposed use is constructed, otherwise established, put into operation, or expanded.

C. Development standards, conditions of approval. Each land use and structure shall comply with the development standards of this chapter, other applicable standards in the SMC, and any applicable conditions imposed by a previously granted land use permit.