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Subdivisions, new land uses and structures, and alterations to existing land uses and structures, shall be designed, constructed, and/or established in compliance with the requirements in Tables V-1, V-2, V-3, and V-4, in addition to the applicable development and design standards in Articles VI, VII, and VIII.

A. Anchor use exceptions. Alternative regulations listed in Table V-5 may be applied to anchor uses exceeding 30,000 square feet as exceptions to the regulations as indicated in the Building Standards. Primary frontage shall be on Second Street, Pine Avenue, Maple Avenue, or Lincoln Avenue south of Second Street.

B. Civic use exceptions. Regulations for public agency development in the Civic Zone included on a public facility master plan adopted by the City Council may be modified according to Table V-6. Criteria for approval of a civic master plan shall include consistency with the intent and purpose of the Civic Zone and the Pilchuck District designation.

C. Bungalow Court exception. Exceptions to the standards may be approved in conjunction with a master plan for a compact development containing relocated single-family structures.