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Most sections within this chapter include the following elements:

A. Purpose statements, which are overarching objectives.

B. Guidelines use words such as “should” or “is/are recommended” or “encouraged,” signifying voluntary measures.

C. Standards use words such as “shall” and “is/are required,” signifying required actions.

1. Some standards are easily quantifiable, while others provide a level of discretion to the applicant in how they are complied with. In the latter case, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Director, in writing, how the choices made for the development meet the purpose of the standard.

2. In some instances, deviations may be allowed from specific standards in this chapter to allow alternative designs, provided the Director determines the resulting design and overall development meets the purpose of the standards and other applicable criteria. See SMC 14.214.140 for related procedures associated with deviations from standards. (Ord. 2425, 2022)