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A. Purpose. Landscaped block frontages are intended to emphasize landscaped buffers from the street that soften the look of the hardscape, create clear pedestrian connections between the building and the sidewalk, provide privacy for ground-level residential units, and to minimize surface parking lots along the frontages.

Figure 2. Landscaped block frontages vision and key standards

B. Standards. Landscaped block frontages shall comply with the standards in Table 4.

Table 4. Landscaped block frontage standards



Additional Provisions and Examples

Building placement

• 10' minimum front setback.

• 20' maximum front setback.

• Covered entries and porches are allowed to project up to 6' into the front setback.

• See SMC 14.214.410 for other setback requirements.

Building entrances

• At least one public or shared building entry shall be visible from the sidewalk and feature direct access from the sidewalk.

Façade transparency

• For buildings with ground-level, nonresidential uses, at least 20% of the transparency zone.

• For buildings with ground-level residential uses, at least 15% of the facade.

See SMC 14.214.320 for additional clarification on transparency standards.

Weather protection

• Weather protection at least 3' deep shall be provided over individual business and residential entries. Weather protection for shared entrances shall be at least 5' deep.

Parking location

• Parking shall be located to the side, below, or behind buildings.

• Vehicular access shall comply with the provisions of the latest version of the City of Snohomish Design and Construction Standards adopted by City Council resolution.

• Primarily only applicable to Avenue D.


• Setback areas shall be landscaped with type II landscaping as provided for in Chapter 14.240 SMC and shall otherwise be consistent with the requirements of that chapter.

(Ord. 2425, 2022)