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A. Purpose. Bonneville block frontages are intended to facilitate light manufacturing and flex tech commercial land uses along Bonneville Avenue, with increased allowances for vehicles and reduced pedestrian-scale elements while still being supportive of the overall purpose of creating a visually interesting and pedestrian-friendly Midtown District reflective of the Snohomish character.

B. Bonneville block frontage type standards shall only be used on blocks fronting Bonneville Avenue.

Figure 3. Bonneville block frontages vision and key standards

C. Standards. Bonneville block frontages shall comply with the standards in Table 5.

Table 5. Bonneville block frontage standards



Additional Provisions and Examples

Building placement

• Buildings may be placed up to the sidewalk edge, provided they meet the storefront block frontage standards of SMC 14.214.330. Otherwise, 10' minimum front setbacks are required.

 – Covered entries are allowed to project up to 5' into an exterior setback.

 – See SMC 14.214.410 for other setback requirements.

Building entrances

• At least one building entry shall be visible from the sidewalk.

• Where buildings are set back from the street, pedestrian connections from the sidewalk are required.

Façade transparency

• For buildings with ground-level, nonresidential uses, at least 5% of the transparency zone.

• For buildings with ground-level residential uses, at least 15% of the facade.

See SMC 14.214.320 for additional clarification on transparency standards.

Weather protection

• Weather protection at least 3' deep shall be provided over the primary building entry.

• Weather protection shall not be placed higher than the top of the ground floor.

Parking location

• Parking lots shall be located consistent with the landscape buffer requirements of SMC 14.214.470.

• Vehicular access shall comply with the provisions of the latest version of the City of Snohomish Design and Construction Standards adopted by City Council resolution.


Parking lots developed adjacent to the street shall comply with landscaping provisions of SMC 14.214.470.

(Ord. 2425, 2022)