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A. Purpose. The high visibility corner requirements are intended to accentuate street corners with high visibility to the public to create visual interest and a sense of identity.

B. Standards. Sites located on high visibility corners shall meet the following requirements:

1. Buildings shall be located within twenty (20) feet of the street corner.

2. At least one (1) of the following special features shall be included (Figure 7 illustrates acceptable examples):

a. Corner plaza.

b. Cropped building corner with a special entry feature.

c. Decorative use of building materials at the corner.

d. Distinctive façade articulation.

e. Sculptural architectural element.

f. Other decorative elements that meet the purpose of the standards.

Figure 7. High visibility corner examples

Building A includes a corner tower and change in materials. Building B features cropped building corners with a change in materials and decorative elements. Building C uses a decorative canopy. Building D uses a change in material color and façade articulation at the corner. Building E incorporates a plaza at the corner. Image F shows a decorative landscaped area with a trellis and neighborhood gateway sign.

(Ord. 2425, 2022)