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The standards herein supplement the provisions of Chapter 14.235 SMC. Where there is a conflict, the provisions of this section apply.

A. Spaces Required. Off-street parking for Midtown shall be provided at the rates provided in Chapter 14.235 SMC, except for the modifications in Table 3.

Table 3. Midtown parking requirements

Land Use

Parking Requirement

Dwelling Units


2 spaces per dwelling unit

3+ bedroom dwelling units2

1.75 spaces per dwelling unit

2-bedroom dwelling units2

1.5 spaces per dwelling unit

1-bedroom dwelling units2

1.0 spaces per dwelling unit

Studio units2

1.0 spaces per dwelling unit

Senior housing

1.0 spaces per dwelling unit

Personal Services

As listed in SMC 14.235.180

Business Services & General Commercial

1 space per 300 sf gfa

1Tandem parking is allowed for townhouse development in Midtown.

2For units that are not townhouse developments.

B. Location of Parking Spaces. Parking facilities for residential uses shall be located on the same lot with the building they serve or on a lot within three hundred (300) feet from the nearest boundary that has the same ownership of the lot on which such structure is located or for which an easement or other legal mechanism provides permanent parking rights.

C. Ground Floor Uses. In any building, one thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet or thirty (30) percent, whichever is less, of ground-floor retail, office, and service uses adjacent to and accessed directly from a public street shall be exempt from off-street parking calculations.

D. Parking Space Design. Wheel stops or curbing are required where necessary to prevent a parked vehicle from encroaching onto/over adjacent property, a pedestrian walkway or circulation area, a right-of-way, or a landscaped area. (Ord. 2425, 2022)